Platform rental leaders in Croatia!

We are part of Venpa3 group and market leaders in platform rentals in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Besides platforms, we also rent all kind of forklifts and construction machines.We offer all kind of services, but we would like to especially highlight technical consultation, technical service, transport, professional training and personalized and long term contracts.

  • Technical consultation
  • Technical service
  • Transport
  • Personalized contracts
  • Long term contracts
  • Professional training


Check our rental offer in different categories, various platforms, forklifts and other machines.
We have more than 150 different machines available for rental and we will help you to choose machine that suites best to your needs.
We guarantee you delivery in shortest amount of time possible to your construction site! Check our offer or contact us in order to quickly find best solution for your business.


We have various used machines for sale in our offer. All machines are in good condition, well and frequently maintained.
Check our offer in different categories or contact us directly if you are interested in buying new machine. We’ll make sure you get the best offer possible!

Palazzani platforms

Dieci platforms

Socage platform

Ukoliko trebate usluge iznajmljivanja platformi, viličara, kao i građevinskih strojeva...

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